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Your Secret Weapon for Getting Your Home Sold Inside of 60 Days

Cardinal Designs wants to be your home staging hero. We are your secret weapon for getting your home sold inside of 60 days. Our methods are different and unique as compared to your average home staging establishments, and we can prove it:

  • Specialized Design- We understand that every house has its own personality that needs to be called out. We also understand that there are areas that should be played down. Our staging designs are unique to each home we decorate because we own 99{a4026ecacb4600f168d46a2208b7e54869c8369f0b340327684de7a2d2342662} of the furniture and decor we utilize.
  • Gathering Feedback– As heroes in this field, we are trained in visual merchandising, architecture, and interior design. So, we gather information from all who are involved in the process: the seller and realtor. We want to know all the nuances of what makes each home spectacular. We are looking for its secret identity so that we can reveal its superpowers.
  • Creating a Story- Our stance allows us to grasp the fact that mid-century homes need really cool period pieces, whereas bungalows require older more rustic additions. We want the homes to be adequately represented so that they put their best foot first as soon as they are on the market. The little details are what give them wings to fly.
  • Time for Fun- After we have spent hours creating the storyline, we begin the curation process. It takes us about two days to stage the house once we have collected pieces that are specific to the story and personality of the home. However, some designs do take more, or less, time depending on the scale of the project.
  • Image is Everything- We create a heroic image in every house, but it takes some equally gifted photographers to reveal each home’s superpower. Thankfully, we have some that we recommend to our clients, because we consider them part of our secret selling arsenal.

Ultimately, we are your home staging hero. We are indeed, the secret weapon to getting your home sold in under 60 days.
~Rebecca S.

Published On: December 15th, 2022 / Categories: Blogs /

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