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Therapists Look to Cardinal Designs for Office Design and Rental Space

You may not think a staging company is a likely ally, but we at Cardinal Designs understand what you’re going through, and we believe we can help!

You may not think a staging company is a likely ally, but we at Cardinal Designs understand what you’re going through, and we believe we can help!

It’s no surprise the mental health sector is booming after more than a year of COVID-19 fears, fatigue, job losses, and lockdowns. People’s businesses have been through the wringer.
People’s marriages and relationships might have gone awry as normalcy went by the wayside, or someone’s crippling addiction that had been under control until 2020 reared its ugly head.

In December 2020, the US Census Bureau reported that 42% of people surveyed expressed feelings of anxiety and depression, an increase of 11% from the previous year. Data from other surveys suggest that the picture is similar worldwide (see ‘COVID’s mental stress’). Dr. Luana Marques, a clinical psychologist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, monitors the mental-health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in the US population and elsewhere and said, “I don’t think this situation is going to go back to baseline anytime soon.”

Source: Office for National Statistics (UK data); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US data).

National Alliance on Mental Illness www.nami.org

Cardinal Designs has already provided 4 beautifully furnished offices for Therapist rental space in the greater Tampa Bay area!

With businesses reopening and therapists looking for office space, we see a natural collaborative relationship between Cardinal Designs and the therapy community. Our company is known for creating powerful emotional connections between buyers and potential homes. There is a definite science to choosing the right furnishings, lamps, end tables, wall hangings, and rugs that make a home have that certain feeling or vibe.

Therapists are beginning to look for the office space they were forced to give when relegated to work from home. Therapists are reaching out to Cardinal Designs who have a reputation for creating extraordinary design solutions. To help therapists get their businesses back up and running, Cardinal Designs is offering deep discounts, and several therapists have asked us to design their offices. We are also offering rented, furnished private suites in the Tampa area specially built-out, styled, and curated with therapists, psychologists, and other clinicians in mind. Cardinal Designs has expertise in creating attractive, inviting, and comfortable spaces that improve the therapy experience from the perspective of both the therapist and the patient.

No one wants to spend a ton designing a counseling room. Having an already furnished room saves a therapist time, money, and headache. Many times, furniture can be on backorder, so having an all-in-one, ready-to-go solution helps. Cardinal Designs understands more than anyone the look and feel of “safe” spots. Over the years, we’ve honed our professional furnishing skills and love doing it for clinicians.

Take a look at some of our favorite spaces:

(Look at our rendition of a living wall) The hammock makes binary reprogramming and EMDR a breeze. Not sure if that’s possible, but we love the idea. We heard swinging gets the left and right brain talking with one another.

We wish all therapist’s offices could be outfitted with a bathroom like this. Nothing like a warm soak to calm a person’s senses, but we know that is a pipe dream. So, why not just settle for a comfy sofa, pillows, and throws.

Did we mention that all of the décor is available for purchase if you happen to get attached?

We have even outfitted a tiny house office with the mood of “joy” and “Imagination”.

Even if you don’t look us up, here are a few tips to improve your therapy space:

  1. The less personal artwork around the office, the better,
  2. Greenery helps cleanse the air,
  3. Having the right pieces in the right places is everything, and
  4. Suitable artwork or wallpaper adds a layer of polish to the office and pleases the client.

📣 Since many therapists are now considering virtual therapy sessions, our décor has helped create pleasant background settings for their home offices.

  • Uniquely furnished offices available
  • Purchase a design package including furniture and artwork.

We’d love to help get your business back on its feet; contact us for therapy suites or therapy suite ideas. 🙂 Dedicated, Ready-to-Go Furnished offices for a custom monthly rate! CardinalHomeDesigns.com or 813-446-8360.

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