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Home Staging Costs

How Much Should Home Staging Cost and What ROI to Expect

The cost of staging a home can be confusing for some, as prices can vary from company to company depending on their location and capabilities. Since this is the most common question we hear from sellers, we will try to breakdown the core factors of home staging costs. Below, we cover the why-and-how home staging prices are structured, and what are the idealistic price ranges to expect. While there isn’t a simple one-price-fits-all solution, the fact is staging your home can help you sell your home faster, and the investment cost is always less than a price reduction.

Consultation Fees

The average home stager will typically charge between $150-$600 for a 1-2 hour consultation. However, if the home is vacant a consultation fee may be waived. Any professional home stager will insist on a consultation to examine the property to provide an accurate quote. Usually this is how compromises are met, and corners are cut to have a price that doesn’t break your budget. This also helps avoid unexpected expenses, over miscommunicated measurements and estimates.


Whether a home is currently occupied or vacant can affect the cost of staging a home. If the home is occupied, the professional will assess the furniture that is already in the home to see if it can be used in a redesign in combination with the home stager’s furnishings. The home needs to flow with a fresh appeal so the staging expert will decide what stays and what needs to be put in storage. Some home stagers may also offer storage space in the cost for you.

Physical Location of Your Home

If your home is a condo or apartment several floors up from the ground floor, you will most likely have a fee or cost increase due to moving furniture up and down stairwells or elevators. The region you live in can also affect the cost of staging a home. Different metropolitan areas could affect the cost of staging props, labor, and resources.


Square Footage of the Home

The size of your home will affect the cost of staging your home. More square footage requires more props to fill those spaces. The idea of staging is to fill the home with decor which creates an inviting feeling to otherwise cold empty spaces.

Choosing the Correct Amount of Detail

Our final solution – tailor to everyone’s specific needs for the level of detail they prefer and which fits their budget. By creating different packages, we have simplified the mystery of home staging costs. Our 🥉Bronze Package is an introductory staging package, followed by 🥈Silver and  🥇Gold Packages to bring the depth and detail you desire to evoke the emotional response you want from your buyers.


Professional Photography

Not only does professional photography attract new buyers who view the photos online, agents also favor staged and photographed homes due to the fact they appear “move-in ready”. At Cardinal Designs, we provide FREE magazine quality professional photography with our home staging packages to ensure you make a great impression online that lasts.


Amount of Rooms and Spaces to Stage

The number of rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, porches all work together to evoke emotional experiences for buyers when they enter. Not every home needs to have every last bedroom hallway and bathroom staged, so choosing the key areas and rooms can help reduce costs. Buyers still experience the initial positive emotional reaction upon entry and walking throughout the main areas of the home. If you are working within a limited budget, you can choose to stage the most important rooms such as living rooms, or entryways where buyers mostly see upon entering and browsing the home.


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