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Living Room
To make a home really interesting to the eye, it is important not to stick with just one style of furniture in the house, but use pieces that complement the main theme and style of furniture in the home. In this particular instance, the main style was glam and the complementary style was farmhouse. The 3 wood mirrors, the large coffee table, and the large wood-framed artwork above the fireplace all seem to stand out but in a great way against the glamorous leather and velvet couches. Your eyes pop back and forth noticing the differences but also noticing when everything is put together that it creates a beautiful composition. This is what a great design should consist of.

Formal Living Room
The high-backed upholstered sofa is the focal point of this room. We reversed the role of where the eye focused in this room compared to the living room. This particular room feels more “farmhouse” than glam, even though there are accents of gold, and clear glass on the coffee table as well as the lamp. The softer, neutral colors elude the farmhouse as well.

Dining Room
The dining room has a beautiful table that is reminiscent of “Restoration Hardware” but the chairs lean more towards being mid-century which again is playing with an opposite style to make a room more interesting.

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