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Why is staging important?2022-12-14T06:17:03+00:00

The majority of home buyers are unable to visualize their furniture in empty or cluttered living spaces, which can inhibit them from appreciating a home’s full potential. Hiring a professional home stager to utilize their own modern furnishings and stylish decor can bring new life into your home. Creating a welcoming atmosphere evokes a positive emotional response from first-time viewers, and features like comfortable new couches prolong viewings and give buyers the chance to “feel at home.” The more time buyers spend at the property showing, the more likely they are to make an offer.

Is my home worth staging?2022-12-14T06:17:39+00:00

Yes! By increasing property showings and price at escrow, home staging is an investment that pays for itself, and it’s tax-deductible. The cost can vary depending on how big your house is and how much work is needed, but is usually much less than your first asking price reduction. U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reports “a staged home will sell on average 17% higher than an un-staged home.”

Can I stage my house myself?2022-12-14T06:17:55+00:00

A homeowner is usually unable to stage because they are emotionally attached to the home or have lived there so long they’ve lost objectivity. You need expert and unbiased home staging guidance to compete in a buyer’s market. Home staging involves both decorating and marketing, so you need someone who can do both.

What is the scope of your services? Is there any service that’s too “small”?2022-12-14T06:18:25+00:00

The Cardinal Designs’ expertise is three-pronged: We offer stagingreal estate listings, and “home rehab,” or remodeling supervision and consulting. This means that we bring the full spectrum of insight and experience to increase the value of your home. We also consult with other realtors, choose paint colors, and even just rearrange furniture; no detail is too minor.

Why don’t you offer a flat rate?2022-12-14T06:18:42+00:00

Pricing is non-generic because every home is so different. Walk-throughs are necessary to give you the best idea of what needs doing and make sure that there are no surprises later.

Can you stage and list my house for sale?2022-12-14T06:18:53+00:00

Yes, Rebecca is licensed with Charles Rutenberg Realty. Her team will stage it, market it and get it sold for you for top dollar.

Can we put the house on the market first to see if it sells before trying staging?2022-12-14T06:19:11+00:00

First impressions are everything. Since most buyers will see your home during its first few weeks on the market, providing the best visualization of your home from day one is your best chance of selling quickly.